1440 Multiversity Retreat Reset & Revive


This retreat is for those of you that have wanted something closer to home. Located in the Santa Cruz Mountains of Northern California, and built to perfection 1440 Multiversity it is an ideal location to set down 2019 in preparation for new growth and evolution in 2020. Surrounded by Redwood Forest, the 1440 Multiversity grounds and spa are soul-feeding, and the food first class and mouth watering. I will be offering 10 hrs of intensive instruction and inquiry into Vinyasa Flow.

Reset & Revive

Immerse yourself body, mind, and soul in the ancient science of yoga through its physical practice. Join celebrated yoga teacher Puja Chance in this experiential and dynamic deep dive, perfectly tailored to reset and revive your asana practice as you reflect on both the year behind and the one ahead.

The art and exercise of a holistic yoga practice can bring into synergy all aspects of your life, creating a holistic mandala of your essential nature and core values for the year to come.

In this rejuvenating workshop, you will:

  • Explore the powerful foundations and time-tested theories of alignment and energetic principles in physical poses
  • Answer personal questions and one-on-one inquiries into your practice
  • Enjoy daily practice of mindful movement, body awareness, meditation, and breath
  • Touch into the sensations on the physical and emotional planes that arise from a well-rounded and fluid yoga asana practice.

You will emerge from this workshop with a renewed vision to see, feel, and experience your body from the inside out—rather than the outside in—radiating the joy, confidence, flexibility, and power that reside in the depths of your being.

This workshop is designed for all levels, with an intention of providing support to both beginners and advanced practitioners.

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